Community Dues:
THOA Dues:  Homeowners of THOA are required to pay the annual dues.  These dues cover expenses such as the landscaping in our community, our accountant, community insurance, administrative costs, operating reserve for emergencies, Taxes, Montgomery County HOA fees, Social Events, etc.

The THOA dues are invoiced and due for payment in January.  By paying in January, the homeowner is entitled to a discount.  Please do all possible to pay the dues on time, as it helps the THOA transact the business of the Association.  Homeowners can enroll in their bank's automatic payments program to ensure the HOA assessment will never be late!

Penbrooke Dues:  Some owners have an option to pay, however, other owners must pay the annual Penbrooke due.  Here is a list of those homeowners that have the option to pay:  click here.  All owners will receive an invoice annually via the mail.
 If you should have any questions regarding Penbrooke dues, feel free to contact Karen Kodjanian.  Karen's contact information can be found within the 'Newsletter and Community Contact' section of the Member Area.

Joel Greenbaum is the THOA representative who is on the Penbrooke board of directors.  Joel's contact information can be found within the 'Newsletter and Community Contact' section of the Member Area.
Architectural Variance Requests:
As our homes age, we are tasked with maintenance projects.  The THOA board wishes to remind our neighbors that if the materials that need replacement are of the same style and color, then you have the approval to make those changes.  For example, that would pertain to the front door and trim, garage doors, gutters, roofs, etc.  The board welcomes notification from the homeowner for any of these types of changes.
If you plan to remodel the exterior, expand or make changes to the structure, style, or color, then a THOA Architectural Variance Request form will need to be completed and submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.
US Postal Service Mailbox Policy:
The U. S. Postal Service is asking THOA homeowners to inspect and repair their mailboxes.
Repairing neighborhood mailboxes improves the appearance of our community and makes delivering and receiving mail safer for USPS carriers and customers.  It also helps to ensure that delivered mail remains inside a mailbox, as broken mailboxes or mailboxes without doors are more likely to have mail damaged or lost due to weather conditions.

The Postal Service makes regular inspections because of the wear and tear that occurs to the mailboxes over time.  Some of the maintenance activities that may need to be performed include:

•- Replacing loose hinges on a mailbox door
•- Repainting a mailbox that may have rusted or started peeling
•- Remounting a mailbox post if loosened
•- Replacing or adding house numbers
•- Replacing the entire mailbox if circumstances warrant

Mailbox location is also important.  Generally, a mailbox should be where a carrier can reach inside without leaving the truck. That means positioning it about 41” to 45” off the ground and back about 6” to 8” from the curb.

Additionally, please keep obstructions away from your mailbox at all times. Your carrier may not deliver your mail if there is a car, shrub, snowdrift, or unfriendly dog in front of it.  For more information click here.

Pet Etiquette:
The board has received a few complaints over the past months about homeowners who are not cleaning up after their pets.  Let's face it, not only is it a law, but it's also the sign of a considerate pet owner and neighbor!
In the event that residents continually observe homeowners who are not picking up after their pets, complaints can be sent to the Montgomery County Department of Animal Control at (301) 279-1823.
In addition, pet owners are reminded that they should walk their pets AWAY from neighbors' homes, playground areas, and high-traffic areas. Maryland law requires all pets to be on a leash at all times.
We love our pets, but we also love our community and want to keep it clean. We ask that all residents be responsible and considerate to help keep the community clean!
County Recycle Requirements [usually on Friday mornings]:
In addition to placing the blue bins containing cans, bottles, and other recyclables and the blue containers filled with paper and cardboard to your curb, You can also:
Call 311 to schedule a special recycling collection of electronics and batteries. Do not dispose of batteries in your regular trash or recycling.
Bag it...
Please place leaves, grass, brush, and other yard trimmings in large paper yard trim bags (available at most grocery stores, home improvement stores, and garden centers). The total weight of the bag must be 45 pounds or less.  Please do not use a paper grocery or shopping bags for yard trim collection.
Or bundle it...
Brushes can also be tied into bundles with twine. Bundles should not exceed 30 inches in diameter. Each branch should not be larger than 4 feet in length and 4 inches in diameter. Total weight must be 45 pounds or less per bundle.
Noise Levels in our Community:

The THOA board has received questions regarding the community policy on noise.  For more information, please review the information found at Montgomery County Noise Ordinance.  To net this out, loud noises such as lawnmowers, weed eaters, etc. are not permitted during the hours of 9 p.m to 7 a.m on weekdays and 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. on weekends and holidays.  The THOA board would respectfully request that loud noises be limited even further if at all possible out of courtesy to your neighbors.
Complaints about Helicopters:
The THOA board has heard complaints from the community regarding helicopters hovering low for long periods over us in the evenings.  If you have any complaints, please use this form.